What you can expect

With so many flavours of rehab care available, you want to find something that fits you.

I realize that you have a lot of options in terms of who you go see to help you deal with your body pain and movement challenges. I pride myself on providing a holistic approach to treatment that is built on current physical therapy evidence and clinical experience. Scroll down to learn more about Andrew's training and experience.

Thorough Assessment & Explanation

My evaluation is focused with getting to the root of your pain. I dig deep to identify the primary and secondary drivers of your pain.

A Personalized Treatment Plan

During our first session together I provide a treatment plan that works for you. I apply a scientific approach to evaluating the effectiveness of my treatments through regular testing and retesting.

Movement Focus

By looking at how you perform functional movements, I help shed light on the path forward to treatment success. I evaluate your movements and incorporate functional movement retraining in all of my treatments.

Efficient Corrective Exercises

I focus on delivering the most potent exercises to correct your painful movements and get you back to enjoying your activities, your sports and your life.

Gentle IMS / Dry Needling

IMS can be an effective tool to help with muscle and nerve related pain. The technique used can make a difference in the level of muscle discomfort felt. I aim to be gentle yet thorough in my dry needling treatments.

Clear Education About Your Body

Gaining a deeper understanding of your body pays big dividends for your future self. I use non-jargon language to explain how to improve your body's movement systems and ensure you understand things so you can avoid problems in the future.

Quality Time With You

Providing a quality experience takes time. Getting to the root of a problem can take some time and that's why assessments are 1 hour in length. Treatment sessions are 30 minutes in length with no distractions. This focused time will mean fewer visits for you and better outcomes.

Relationship & Support

Empathy, listening and caring. These are so important to healing, health and wholeness. I value creating a safe place for you to share, heal and move forward to pain free living.

Ready to get better?

I'd love the opportunity to help you today.