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When Should I Get My Shoulders Looked At? 5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

Understanding when we should see someone for our shoulder aches & pains is an important topic. Far too often I see patients who have waited ...

Shift the Relationship with Your Body to Overcome Pain

Suffering from physical pain is a highly unpleasant experience. And we’re conditioned in our society to push through physical pain. Pain can be seen as ...

2 Key Principles to Help You Understand What’s Driving Your Pain

Some people experience pain that doesn’t go away, even though they’ve had treatments in the past. Understandably, this can be frustrating and anxiety provoking. The ...

3 Simple Tests to Check Your Shoulder Health

Shoulder pain can often just show up one day.   Everything seemed ok. And then you wake up one morning and you have some shoulder ...

A Winter Shoe Worth Having for Icy Conditions

Living in Edmonton brings along winters with often treacherous weather conditions. Having grown up in coastal BC, it took me a few years to adopt ...

How to Become More Body Aware   

Why is Body Awareness Important? Developing a better sense of how you move your body is fundamental in preventing injury. We often feel that we ...

Here's what patients have shared:

Andrew's big-picture, whole body approach, led him to find the root cause of my issues!
Busy Mom
Andrew does an extremely thorough assessment and is always able to accurately diagnose whatever particular tweak/ailment I have.

He typically has me back to 100% within weeks & sometimes days!

Rock climber & active dad