Breathing for a Better Body Program

In this 4 week online program optimize your breathing for less back pain, better hip & back movement and a flatter stomach.

Harness your breathing for a better body

Whenever I’m working with patients, I want to get to the root of what’s driving their pain and stiffness. 

More often than not, their breathing is the root of their problem. 

While we think that breathing is just about managing our stress it’s so much more! 

Our breathing process involves a number of important stabilizing muscles that can impact our spine, hips and posture. 

In my upcoming four week program, I’m going to be helping you make tangible changes in how you move in your body. 

Personalized Evaluation To Pinpoint Your Improvement over the 4 Weeks

More than just more information, this 4 week program builds in evaluation so that we can measure your progress across a range of areas including: back and hip mobility, hip strength and breathing patterns. 

Here's what will be covered in this 4 week program

Each week will consist of teaching as well as practical exercises to help you build your breathing skills to improve your flexibility, strength & posture. 

Program starts week of January 17, 2022

Week 1: The Impacts of Poor Breathing on Your Body

It’s easy to overlook all the important functions of breathing and it’s impact on how we move. I’ll be walking through the key problem areas and signs that your breathing is out of sync. 

Week 2: How to Harness the Power of the Diaphragm

The diaphragm is often used incorrectly and your attempts at belly breathing may actually be holding you back from better movement and health. 

Week 3: Awakening the Psoas for Better Movement & Strength

Our hip flexors play multiple key roles for our spine and hips. I will walk through why the hip flexors need so much more than stretching. And I’ll show you how you can engage your psoas with breathing. 

Week 4: Pulling it All Together

In our final week, I’ll be pulling together all the key concepts so that you have crystal clear understanding of how to optimize your breathing. 

Program Start Date

The program will start the week of January 17th and run for a total of 4 weeks. Each session will be recorded if unable to attend live for easy replay access. 

If you’d this time doesn’t work, but would like to be notified of future program dates, please fill out this form: 

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