Clinical Performance Coaching

I passionately believe that physiotherapists are well situated to help improve the health outcomes of our society. And I believe there is much room for improvement in the quality and delivery of care. 

I coach and mentor physiotherapists to improve their clinical performance and increase their confidence, satisfaction and impact in their communities. 

Get Unstuck Now! Painful Shoulders Workshop

I developed this workshop to help physiotherapists get unstuck with painful shoulders. It provides an on-demand education experience that focuses on immediate clinical transformation. 

For more information and to purchase please visit HERE.

Confident Clinician Coaching Program

This is an 8 week clinical performance coaching program co-led with physiotherapist Alec Chisholm. 

This coaching program focuses on helping physiotherapists increase their confidence in their assessment and treatment strategies as well as incorporate a whole body approach. 

The next coaching cohort is scheduled to begin in February 2021.